I found this awesome article that lists the 26 qualities that make up the perfect man, and I thought it would be fun to look at and see how I match up to being the perfect man.  Ladies, take a look and see how your man matches up to being the perfect man, and fellas, this would be a good time for some self constructive criticism!





So let's just list the qualities, and I'll talk about what matches me, just so you can see how perfect of a man I am.



Six feet tall - I'm 6ft 1in tall!

Muscularly toned and athletic - I work out regularly, I definitely got this one!

Brown eyes - I thought my eyes were brown because I'm full of sh*t, but apparently not :)

Short dark hair - Yup!  I got short and dark hair!

Smooth chest - My chest is as smooth as a baby's bottom!

Clean shave - I keep a soul patch on my chin, otherwise, I'm definitely a clean shave guy!

Good fashion sense, but gets ready in 17 minutes or less - I can be ready in 10 minutes, shower, shave, dressed and hair did!  And I only shop at Express, so yeah I would say I have a good fashion sense :)

Wears jeans and a v-neck sweater - If you've ever seen me in the fall, you would know that this one is all me!  Love some nice Express jeans and an Express v-neck sweater!


Non-smoker - I quit smoking, but sometimes I'll smoke if I'm drinking, so this is a maybe for me.

Prefers beer over wine or cocktails - I like me an ice cold beer, and I hate wine!

Admits when he looks at other women - I really try not to, but when I do look at another woman, I don't try to hide it, so this is another yes!

Eats meat - Hell yeah girl!

Education, Career, Money

College degree - I realize I work in radio, but I do have a psychology degree!

Earns more than you, approximately $76,000-a-year - Okay so I don't make this much money, I work in radio for the love of the game, not for the small pay checks lol, so this is a no for me :(

Drives an Audi - I love how it only says Audi!  It could say Mercedes or BMW, but it's Audi!  I drive an Audi A4 Quattro 2.0 Turbo!  WOW!


Loves shopping - Don't even get me started, my wife and I can spend money and shop for an entire day!  I love shopping!

Watches football - I watch ever Dallas Cowboys game, and the play-offs, then Super Bowl, so that's a big 10-4!

Can swim and ride a bike - I can swim, ride a bike, ride a motorcycle, so that's another yes for me!

Knows how to change a tire - I can change a tire, an entire engine, I grew up as a shop kid, yeah I can work on cars!  Changing tires is the easiest part!

Has a driver’s license - HA!  Yes I have a driver's license haha!  Never saw this one coming!  But, another yes for me!

Likes dramas and reality shows - I hate reality shows and dramas, unless you count Breaking Bad or Son's of Anarchy as drama?  But I don't think so...so this would be a no for me.


Calls his mom twice a week - Call or text, mom and I talk about twice a week!

Says “I love you” only when he means it - I do love my wife, and every time I tell her I lover her, you better believe I mean it!

Is sensitive when you’re upset - Yes!  It's very important to sympathize with your partner's feelings, so when Suzanne is upset, I try to be an ear for her and a shoulder for her.

Has a good sense of humor - Hello?  Have we met?  My name is Dallas Chambers, and I would say I have a great sense of humor!

Wants a family - I make jokes, but in the grand scheme of things, I want some children!  I have way to much knowledge in my brain!  I have to procreate and pass all this knowledge on to some kids!  So, another yes :)

So out of the 26 qualities that make up the perfect man, I score a 23 out of 26!  I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I must be pretty damn close :)
Ladies, does your man meet some of this criteria?  Guys, be honest with yourself, see how you paired up against the listed qualities!