Growing up, swapping stories about the scars we had was part of being a kid. They were a testament to our strength and general toughness. So we want to know, how'd you get that scar?

Kids Church In The Charismatic Age Of Satanic Panic

My favorite scar is on my chin. You almost have to be looking for it to see it. I got it when I was a kid.

It was a winter Sunday morning, and we had driven the forty miles it took to get to church. This was in the age dominated by the charismatic movement and satanic panic, so church could get wild from time-to-time.

Important side-note, our service for kids was held in a basketball gym.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Basketball Gym Floor And My Chinny Chin Chin

At the end of the service that morning, we were all called up to the front for prayer. The mid-sized group of kids, me included, all crowded in together.

What happens next, I don't remember because I passed out. Fully unconscious. I took a dive in the middle of prayer. I went chin-first to the basketball court below.

Seeing as how this was a church caught up in the midst of the charismatic movement, they were used to seeing this kind of thing.

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Waking Up To A Southern Revival

I woke up surrounded by people with thick southern accents saying things like, "Gimme what he got Lord," and, "Yes, Jesus." Hands were all over my back. People were mumbling in tongues and whispering prayers for God to finish sorting me out.

Apparently, everyone believed this to be the work of the Holy Ghost. It was probably the blood pouring out from under my face that tipped them off to the fact that maybe they were wrong.

Someone scooped me up, got my mom, and I was off to the hospital. Come to find out, I had a viral infection, got too hot, and my body thought that passing out was the answer to all of my problems.

So How Did YOU Get That Scar?

While not the most action packed scar-story that's ever existed, it's mine and it's way more interesting than most of the other scars I have.

I've told you my story. Now, it's your turn. Tell us, how did you get that scar?

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