Law and Order: SVU writers are known, in part, for their “ripped from the headlines” approach to the show's increasingly salacious scripts and storylines. In keeping with that tradition, the series’ current Season 18 will feature an episode about reality-star-turned-Republican-nominee Donald Trump.

While Trump has supplied the general public with a treasure trove of appalling quotes and diatribes throughout his tenure as a serious contender for the U.S. Presidency, the SVU episode will reportedly focus on Trump’s most recent PR nightmare, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Trump came under fire last Friday (October 7) when a 2005 video -- in which the former reality star makes several disparaging comments about women and admits to potentially sexually assaulting several others -- was posted online by The Washington Post. 

That scandal will be reflected in the forthcoming episode, titled "Unstoppable," where Veep actor Gary Cole will play a politician whose campaign is stalled after several women come forth with "damaging accusations."

Show runner Rick Eid hinted at a Trump plot line last month, when he told The Hollywood Reporter about a potential Season 18 episode, saying, “It is possible we may try to explore a story involving some sort of brash demagogue with political ambitions.”

Check out the Trump-inspired episode of Law and Order: SVU when it airs on NBC -- the very network that refuses to take credit for introducing Trump to millions of American viewers despite The Apprentice -- on October 26, less than two weeks before the fate of the U.S. Presidency is sealed (November 8).

Unless, of course, you’re Trump, who seems to think Election Day falls on November 28.

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