With many people homeless and so much damage, rescuers are working around the clock to bring relief to these effected areas . Bringing help to these hard hit areas, we found some big groups that are helping out just like the help with Texas. 

To help out in Mexico after two Earthquakes theses are a few Organization that are helping the rescued efforts.


The country of Puerto Rico was hit hard by a big hurricane. With them being far out from the other country they are in need of some big help to rebuild the small country.



For Mexico, If you have information about a victim or are searching for a loved one, you can get help or share information via Google’s Peoplefinder portal and visit this public Google Doc, which lists the names of rescued people. Puerto Rico hasn't set one up as of yet.


Remember donating items is not the best way to help with these efforts Money will be a better way. These are other country's so the efforts to get items across borders and overseas slow down the process of helping out.


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