Looking at the calendar we have just under a month left of summer. In the summer we have so many fun outdoor activities to take advantage of. It is easier to stay fit because we are moving around a lot more.

Then fall gets here and we start slacking off. The kiddos are back in school and the moving around tends to be from point a to point b getting them to school activities and sporting events. It's harder to find stuff for you to do to stay active.

Don't let this happen to you this fall. Don't be that person that just puts on the weight because you just don't have time. Amarillo Parks and Recreation has the perfect solution for you. Most importantly it is free. Who doesn't love free?

They have Fitness in the Park going on through the middle of October that can help you out. Plus if you need to find something for your kids to do while you are taking advantage of this don't worry they have activities for kids five and over too.

Start fall on the right foot! Join Amarillo Parks & Recreation staff for FREE fitness classes in the park.
Classes will run through mid-October and will have something for all ability levels to enjoy. Plus, park staff will have guided activities for children ages 5+ at the same time, meaning you have even more reasons to join us each day!
Check out our event page on Facebook for more information. We hope to see you in the park.
Does this sound intriguing? Here are the activities you can take advantage of.
  • Monday: Walk with Ease 10:30am at Warford AC
  •                 Beginner Boot Camp 5:30pm Memorial Park
  •  Tuesday: Yoga in the Park 5:30pm Memorial Park
  •                  Disc Golf (every other week) 5:30pm Thompson Park
  • Friday: Karate in the Park 5:30pm Southeast Park
  • Saturday: Walk with Ease 9am Memorial Park
  •                 LIIT in the Park 10:30am Memorial Park

So find an activity or two to help you out this fall. Don't slack just because summer is almost over. You are worth the time and effort to keep moving.


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