Funny Drive-Thru Prank As A Zombie [VIDEO]
Halloween as for most people it's the time of year to dress up or to get your kids dress up to go out in trick or treat. Also it's the one day  when you can freak someone out in the dark dressed as Jason. To make them use #1 on themselves.
The Walking Dead Season 4 Sneak Peek – VIDEO
Zombie fans here you go one of the most anticipated shows to hit TV. For the ones who have been following up on the previous series get ready for season 4. I need to catch up on the past season because this next season looks totally awesome. Wal...
Zombies Overtake Columbus, Screaming Ensues
This video is basically just a bunch of people reacting predictably to a zombie man chasing them, but there are a few treasure moments in this prank on the people of Columbus; namely a woman who threatens to use self-defense on one zombie, and a guy who's bike will not go no matter how fast he pedals...
Doomsday 2012 – Dallas & Suzanne Chambers Zombie Killing Training [Video]
With people getting high on bath salts and doing insane things like eating a person's face, I've accepted the fact that I really don't know what's going to happen when Doomsday,  December 21st, 2012 gets here.  In light of this, I found myself thinking I should be a man and prepare for the worse.  Would I call my self a "Doomsday Prepper", no I wouldn't.  Would I say that I can honestly