Once again, Nickelodeon star Drake Bell has taken to Twitter to attack Justin Bieber.

You'd think that time Beliebers met Bell at LAX after he dared to tweet negatively about the Biebs would have made him back up. But no! Once again, Bell took shots at Bieber about his (lack of) graffiti skills, the recent egg raid and arrest of his pal Lil Za.

Bell even went so far as to suggest that Bieber was financially compensating Za and that Za was taking the fall by being arrested for drug possession when the drugs really belonged to the singer. Ouch. That's a pretty harsh accusation.

The tweets are below.

First, Bell told the Biebs to man up regarding the coke rap. Um, Drake, it was reportedly molly, so get your facts straight. We're sure Beliebers will tweet back to correct you. Secondly, calling the Biebs an idiot who can't draw is not nice.

We're not sure why Bell has made it a personal mission to tweet insults about Bieber. He sounded off back in the summer, too.

Given his past history and the dedication of Beliebers in the social media space, we're sure that Bell will face the backlash soon enough... if he hasn't already.

What's next -- a celeb boxing match challenge?

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