Because it wouldn't really be a Justin Bieber news story unless Drake Bell chimed in with his own two cents, the Nickelodeon star took to Twitter last night (July 30) to weigh in on the Bieber-Orlando Bloom debacle, getting Beliebers all riled up.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Bell first tweeted Bieber a picture of a large cartoon bulldog accompanied by a much smaller pup, writing: "I found these cool pictures of you and your bodyguard the other night!" referring to Bloom reportedly throwing a punch at the 'Baby' singer. (Bieber later taunted the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor via Instagram.)

The tweet angered Bieber's fans so much that Bell actually deleted the photo, then reportedly tweeted: "You can't take a joke?! Geez." That tweet has also since been deleted.

However, the actor still had to have the final word, tweeting Beliebers this message:

But the Biebs' fans once again struck back, sending Bell tweet after tweet of their idol working with charities, especially photos of him making a young girl's dream come true at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards the other night.

As Beliebers know, this is hardly the first time that Drake Bell has targeted their idol on Twitter. And while both fans and Justin Bieber himself have confronted him about it, it looks like the actor won't cease his Twitter rants any time soon.

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