I drove by this new restaurant, Amanda's Cafe, over the weekend to get a picture of it for another story. The parking lot was pretty full. They were doing some pretty good business. This was on a Sunday around lunchtime.

I had no idea that later that day I would see some drama happening for them over Facebook. I can't even seem to understand what is going on here. I follow the Amarillo Restaurant Reviews at Your Own Risk. I saw, Amanda, who I thought was the owner, post that her boyfriend pretty much told her she wasn't needed at the restaurant anymore. What? The restaurant is her namesake. I hope this is an ex boyfriend because wow. Really?

I have, since Amanda's Cafe opened, seen some really good reviews. I have seen some not great. That is expected of any new place. Didn't expect to see the person it was named for be pushed out of the business. That is crazy.

I have seen people on this restaurant page stand up to support Amanda. I guess this "boyfriend" Steven just pushed her out. There didn't seem to be any warning. I don't get it. If you are a member of this page then you probably have watched this all unfold. I know I would get my name off this building as soon as possible because it looks like this may be getting ugly.

I hate this for Amanda, I don't know her but it looked like she was pretty much blindsided. I have watched her on the restaurant pages advertising for this new place. Letting people know what specials they were having. It looked like she was trying. Now to have it all taken away from her.

Not even sure how all this drama started but like I said earlier I really hope this Steven is an ex-boyfriend now.

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