I figured with how big this election was becoming, people would be going out in masses to vote!  Yet, the early voting totals are lower than they were in the 2008 election?

So, my new saying is, vote or shut up.  Have you noticed that the people that complain the most about the president are people that didn't vote?  Again, vote, or stop complaining!

But, I digress, and Amarillo Globe News reports:

The 12-day early voting period, which ended Friday, saw Potter County down by 12 percent from 2008, and Randall County dipped 3 percent.

Some states saw dips in voting as high as 35%!  That's a HUGE drop in numbers!

I'll be watching Comedy Central tonight for my election coverage, because John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are freaking hilarious!  Indecision 2012, yeah buddy!

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