This summer has already been a hot one. Not only does Eskimo Hut have the right stuff to cool you down. They also have something special when you stop by.

When you are driving around Amarillo this summer you know you will get hot and thirsty. Where do you go to get a quick drink? Sure there are plenty of places around town but there is only one that pride themselves on serving the coldest and most refreshing drinks in Amarillo. That place is none other than Eskimo Hut.

Eskimo Hut as locations from the Pan Handle all the way down to the coast. They have served many cold drinks. But the location on Western right here in Amarillo has something really special. This sign was out front of their store.

Credit: TSM D.B. Nyce
Credit: TSM D.B. Nyce

That's right! A free straw with your drink! Amazing. No more drinking from the cup. Oh no! You can just slurp your favorite drink with the free straw!

This is a great summertime offer! Get some of the best and most refreshing drinks right now at Eskimo Hut and enjoy that free straw!


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