There's a lot going on in Amarillo for the start of 2022. There are several benefits, fundraisers, the Spectacular Circus, and other big events planned. One of them includes dinosaurs.

Jurassic Quest Is Coming Back To Amarillo

Do you remember the big event that was held at the Tri-State Fair Grounds that included dinosaurs? It's coming back to town in February.

They promise that this year will be bigger and better than ever. They're even bringing out the 50ft, life size, moving megalodon according to their press release.

Jurassic Quest
Jurassic Quest

Animatronic Dinos, Activities, Exhibits For The Kids

My family and I went to Jurassic Quest the last time they were in town. The kids had a pretty good time looking at all of the dinosaurs. We got a lot of neat photos for the family album.

They had exhibits you could walk through and see animatronic dinosaurs. They also had an area where people were gathered to watch exhibitions.

There were areas for the kids to do crafts, and of course there were a lot of souvenirs to buy.

Something Unique To Take The Kids To

That was the big selling point for me. It's not everyday you can take your 4 year-old to see dinosaurs. She had a decent time.

When Will Dinosaurs Be Back In Amarillo?

February 25-27 are the dates scheduled for the return of Jurassic Quest to the area.

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