Trends in Amarillo are interesting. It seems like if we get one of something, a whole bunch more pop up real quick. Take coffee shops, for instance. Another example would be places where you can get Cajun cuisine.

If you still feel like you don't have enough options, there's now a fest for that.

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Amarillo And Cajun Cuisine. I'm Not Mad About It.

I love Cajun food. It's one of my favorites. I'm actually pretty glad we have multiple options when it comes to getting Cajun.

The Lost Cajun comes to mind. Walk-On's made a big splash when it landed in Yellow City. Lazy Gator is another one my family loves.

The thing is, that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you like Cajun food, Amarillo is a pretty good place to be.

If Somehow You Still Aren't Satisfied, There's A Fest For You

Coming up on June 18 (this Saturday), there's going to be a Crawfish Festival at Starlight Ranch.

Yes. That's a whole festival devoted to crawfish, and Cajun food too.

Music, Bounce Houses, Food Trucks

On the posters for the event, there is the promise of music to entertain you. Food trucks to feed you. Bounce houses to...well at least keep the kids preoccupied while you try your best to crack open crawfish without looking like you haven't a clue what you're doing.

The food trucks of course will be serving up Cajun fare, as you would expect at a crawfish fest.

Hopefully the summer heat dies down just a bit for you if you plan on going. I'd rather deal with heat from all the Cajun seasonings than the panhandle sunshine.

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