Congratulations to Michael and all the other winners in 2013's Dash 4 Kash!  Michael comes in as the final winner for this year, and boy howdy did he have his hands full!

As I talked to Michael this morning when he cam in to the studios to get all set up with this $1,000, I couldn't help but laugh!

He showed me the pen that you saw in the picture bonus clue and I was tickled pink!

This is what you saw on Groovy Pop's Facebook timeline.  The pen it was hidden it.  Do you think it got stepped on?

Kudos to all that got out and tried to find the cash!  I appreciate your continued support of 96.9 KISS-FM!  Giving away all this free cash isn't nearly enough to show our gratitude!

You keep listening, and we'll keep hooking up the free cash!

Dallas Chambers
Dallas Chambers

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