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This morning on my way home from dropping off the kids I noticed this beautiful lab sitting on the side of the road shaking and with porcupine quills stuck to its mouth and nose. I couldn't of had the heart to keep driving on home. I pulled over and loaded up the dog in the back of the Kiss Fm truck and took him home. I could tell this cute dog which we believe its a lab was very sacred and under a lot of stress.

One of our Kiss listeners reached out to me and took the dog to the vet and got the porcupine quills removed and on anti-bio-tics. The dog was found in the area where Landergin Elementary is.

Please help me by SHARING this on your Facebook in hopes of finding its owner or possibly a new owner who could use a family dog. The dog is very sweet and mellow. I hope nobody just dropped this dog off and it just accidentally got loose. 

Please help and lets come together to find this doggies home...


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