Ah yes, the holiday season. We all love it.

Well...for the most part. You see, there's that little part about the kids being on Christmas vacation from school.

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With Amarillo ISD blessing the kids with a three week vacation this year, parents are already pulling their hair out trying to figure out how to keep them occupied with things to do. Well thanks to Don Harrington Discovery Center, parents are going to at least get one day of a reprieve.

On December 26, DHDC is going to open their doors for everyone to come in...and it's going to be free.

They'll be open the day after Christmas from 12pm to 4:30pm and it's not just the Discovery Center that will be open and free to the public.

The Wildcat Bluff nature center will also be open for everyone to go and check out. To put the cherry on top, the space theatre will have showings at 1pm and 3pm that day.

For someone like me who hasn't had the pleasure of checking the place out, it's a perfect time to go do it. The kids will be coming off their Christmas present high and starting to get grouchy from being cooped up at home, so this is the perfect plan for the day after.

My oldest is a bit of a space nut, and quite honestly so am I. My guess is we'll be waiting in line for that 1pm showing.

big thanks to DHDC for opening the doors for everyone to come and check it out. See ya there!

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