Family Support Services are announces that volunteer advocate training starts June 14th. Volunteers are the heart and soul of FSS.  The go to Northwest hospital and The Bridge to help the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence and their family members.The Volunteer Advocate helps the victim throughout the crisis, providing crisis intervention, emotional support, and information about services available. The FSS Volunteer Advocate Program is a Certified Sexual Assault Training Program administered through the Office of Attorney General.

The training involved gets the Volunteer Advocate 40 hours of training (10 of those are with an experienced Volunteer advocate).  So they won't just "throw you out there".

If you are interested, the next training is June 14th through the 30th with classes Tuesday through Thursday nights 6-9pm and Saturdays 9am-4pm.

For more information, contact Special Projects Manager Michelle Shields at 806.342.2529 or

This is a really cool program that you can be a part of.


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