Halloween as for most people it's the time of year to dress up or to get your kids dress up to go out in trick or treat. Also it's the one day  when you can freak someone out in the dark dressed as Jason. To make them use #1 on themselves.

Now you hear about people that hate going to haunted house just because they don't like to be scared, but when you go usually have a sense to know you are going to be scared somewhere along the way. Well what if you where working at a drive- thru window and someone scares you. How would you react to that scared, start laughing, or just close the window and not say nothing?

Here is a guy that did just that made himself look like a zombie and went to different locations that had a drive-thru and recorded the employees reactions to his zombie act, but I won't say who had the best scare face just know that there a place that serves brains to eat for $11.99.

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