What some people would do for a $100! Would you go the extremes of licking puke off a stadium bench for money? Heck Naw!

A woman at a Brewer's game puked all over a bench during the game and a fan was challenged to lick up for a $100.00! The fan didn't think twice and swiped his tongue across the bench and swallowed it up as fans around him were grossed out. The tipster had no issues handing over the $100.00 bill. Even watching the video made me gag! If that didn't make you lose your appetite this will. At a Yankees vs. Tigers game a Tigers fan snagged a hat off the head of a Yankees fan and stuffed hit hat down the back and front of his boxers. After a couple of minutes of smothering the Yankees hat in his pants he threw the hat down onto the floor. The Yankee picked up his hat licked it and put it back where it came from. His head! The Yankee fan just walked of proud like nothing never even happened. Yuck! What a crazy couple of baseball fans that made the 2016 MLB opening week memorable.


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