Sculptures and statues are something that most people find intriguing and beautiful. We have a few of them around Amarillo and I always see people eyeing them either as they walk past them, or have stopped to take them in.

Every sculpture tells a story of something. Whether it's an event that took place, something the area is famous for, or a person who made an impact on people's lives.

Here in Amarillo, we have our latest development, Town Square. You know, the area where Verdure, Cinergy, etc. is right? Well, all those shops and restaurants you see shadowed by the apartment building is Town Square.

If you've taken a stroll, or even driven, through there, you may have seen a statue of a man and not had any idea as to what or who it is. It's an interesting story, and a heartwarming one as well.


His name is Gaston Williams. The name MAY sound familiar to those who've been in Amarillo a long time, or the natives. According to his obituary, Gaston was a man who worked hard, did anything for his family, and was a man of God.


Williams moved to Amarillo in 1954 with his wife of three years at the time, Joyce. He quickly started his own business, Williams Ditching to take advantage of the housing boom that was popping off in the 50s. The company is still doing business today.


This is the heartwarming part. Two of his grandsons, Seth and Noah, paid for and had the statue commissioned. They hired a company out of St. Louis to create the statue. Since it's incredibly hard to create a 3D statue from just pictures, the company secretly observed Gaston in everyday life so they could accurately create the statue.

The plaque in front of the statue reads, "Anything is possible with a strong foundation” which was a nod to his ditching business.

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