A cool Saturday in April was warmed up with a chili cook off.

Nick and Jennifer Kirk of Amarillo just celebrated their son’s Graysen’s first Christmas this past year. 2 days after Christmas, Graysen was sick. His parents took him to the emergency room. Greyson was admitted to the PICU with pneumonia.

On December 29th, they found out that he had bacterial (MRSA) pneumonia and was not responding to any antibiotics. His little organs were in serious distress.

He was flown out to Cooks Children’s Hospital in Ft. Worth, Texas on December 30. Little Graysen would fight for his life the next several weeks in the hospital with his family by his side.

After many weeks of ups and downs, little Graysen would ultimately would lose his battle with the sickness.  His parents said with his last breath he was surrounded with all of those who were there when he came into the world.

Like anyone who is put in the position. Jennifer and Nick have not idea where to start with making their sons final arrangements. While at Cox Funeral Home, they were told about a wonderful organization called “Our Children’s Blessing” which a local organization founded by families who suffered the loss of a child.

Our Child’s Blessing provided financial support to assist with Graysen’s funeral cost. They also offer counseling to families dealing with lost.

In honor of their son’s life, Nick and Jennifer started a website called Gather for Graysen. The website was design to help parents find resources to navigate life after loss.

On April 7th Gather for Graysen Chili Cook Off to benefit “Our Child’s Blessing”. It was an unusually cold Saturday. But it was perfect for eating Chili. There were many cooking teams competing for the top prize. There were tons of fun for the kids with a bouncing house. There was a silent auction and live band.

The event was a big success in honor of a special child’s life.




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