People say that our country is politically divided...but that has nothing on the divide we experience in Amarillo...I like to call it #TeaWars.<

Everyone in A-town has their favorite tea spot and they go there regularly. I mean they are LOYAL right?

Well, there is a new tea store on the block ready to shake things up... and they are giving away free drinks!

On Friday, March 6th, HTeaO at 7370 Hillside, in Amarillo will be hosting their grand opening party!
The official ribbon cutting will be at 11:45 am, followed by a huge prize giveaway.

The first 20 people in line at noon will receive a $100 HTeaO Gift Card, and the next 200 will receive a $10 gift card.

That's $4,000 in free tea!


You may be thinking..."Wait, a minute...that looks familiar?" You are right! HTeaO is now Texas Tea. Same flavors you have grown to love, just a new name.

For more information, see the event, Facebook Page.

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