If you have any travel plans taking you in or out of Rick Husband International Airport here in Amarillo you can pick up a really cool Travel Safety Kit. It is filled with all kinds of stuff you will need while in the airport or on a plane.

I mean boy how travel has changed over the years. We went from being able to come and go as we pleased. Then it changed that we had to take off our shoes, take off our belts and put any liquid in small containers and in a ziploc bag. We finally got used to that. Oh and then 2020 hit.

Now we have to travel with extra stuff. We need to make sure we have a mask everywhere and anywhere we go including the airport and airplanes. So it's probably a good idea to carry extra masks when you go on vacation. How about hand sanitizer? Probably something else that you will want to have on you. It is never too much to make sure you have clean hands your whole travel experience.

This is where Rick Husband International Airport is here to help. You can stop by the security screening area of the airport and pick one up. They are absolutely free. You will grab a nice zippered bag. Inside that bag will have a black "Amarillo Proud" cloth mask, there will also be a bottle of hand sanitizer and a second disposable face mask.

So don't think when I head to the airport here in a couple weeks that I will not be grabbing my own Travel Safety Bag. They look pretty nice and I am sure going to want to show off my new mask when I head to Vegas.


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