rick husband international airport

Storytime at Texas Air & Space Museum in Amarillo
First I know I am behind in the times in the fact that I didn't even know we have a Texas Air & Space Museum here in Amarillo. How have I not known about this? I asked a co-worker if he knew this. That made me feel worse because not only did he know he has actually been out there.
Love for the Amarillo Airport
I hear people complaining all the time about things in Amarillo. They complain about the traffic. They complain about the construction. There are even complaints about the weather.
Jet Blue Flight 191 From New York To Las Vegas Makes Unscheduled Emergency Landing In Amarillo **UPDATED** [Videos]
****UPDATE**** (See footage of the landing both in and outside of the airplane at the bottom of page.) We had some unexpected visitors today at Rick Husband International Airport.  A flight from New York to Las Vegas had to take a detour to Amarillo because the pilot was kind of freaking out.  Reassuring, isn't it?  Makes me wanna hop on a flight right now and just fly for hour and hours, maybe Ch