KISS-FM's 3rd annual Kiss Kids Radiothon is on the way June 2nd & 3rd!  Hear some amazing stories of survival from local kids that deal with many health problems like cancer & leukemia.  Help Amarillo meet the goal and help Tommy The Hacker get down from the crane, which will be posted in the Rudy's Country Store & BBQ parkinglotIt's a great way to do something good with your time and money, and make a difference in YOUR community!  When it comes to the Children's Miracle Network and your donations, we want to assure you that your not covering administrative costs!  Your donations don't pay anybody's salary, they don't buy office supplies or anything of that nature.  100% of your donations go to help the kids!  Everything from cancer patients, to a child with a broken bone.  If your child get's hurt riding they're bike today and you don't have any money or insurance, you can go to CMN and they will get your child seen!  They really are amazing and they really make a difference in the Panhandle!  But it comes at a price and that's why we dedicate 2 days of KISS-FM to them to raise money!  We believe in the cause and we can all use good karma!

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