So it's been 7 months without football, to me that's way too long. The Dallas Cowboys will showcase some of their new players next Monday night. Will Romo be the quarterback this year? That's the big question.  Since I'm a huge Denver Bronco fan I know a little bit about Kyle Orton, the newest addition to the Cowboys roster.  Kyle will not be happy as a back up QB to Romo. So he's going to give Romo a run for that starting position!

He hates being second. So I'm anxious to see who will be the starter this year Romo or Orton. If it's Orton get ready for a boring game because Kyle does not like to throw deep passes. Cowboys kickoff their first pre-season game next Monday night against the Radiers.

I hope all players will stay healthy and not smack their momma in the face...Wink...Wink...

Good luck Cowboy fans and hope ya'll have a good season.

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