Get ready Haunt fans for the 2nd annual "Haunted Broadcast" live from one of the SCARIEST places in West Texas. In the small town of Pampa,Texas sits the Worley hospital. A hospital that's been shut down for for over 30 years now. The hospital has deep secrets within the locked doors that have never been leaked out to the public on why the hospital was shut down in the late 70's. The Worley hospital was built in the early 1930's and was mysteriously closed down.

Property of Kiss Fm
Property of Kiss Fm

Many have said that the hospital is truly haunted. a website that posts about scary places around the world said this about the Worley hospital,


"Worley hospital was abandoned many years ago. It lies in the middle of downtown Pampa. It has been broken into several times, and graffiti covers the wall. There is an incinerator on the third floor that shakes violently when opened. There is usually a distant female scream immediately after opening it. The eeriest room in the building is the nursery. It is extremely cold, and is the only room that has not been touched by vandals. Several other noises are usually heard too."


Join Kiss FM on October, 29th as we investigate the Worley hospital to find out if it's really haunted. We will be joined by the Palo Duro Area Paranormal Society who will conduct the investigation and try to connect with spirits that have been rumored to be lingering behind the locked doors of the Worley hospital.

The hospital is now owned by the Carol Peet ministries. Owners Carol and Judge Richard acquired the hospital in 2002 and their plans are to re-open and make as the Human resource and life training center in purpose to reach out to the down trotted and the broken hearted.

Residents of Pampa, Texas who have passed by the Worley hospital have heard baby cries coming from one of the floors of the hospital and have also seen claimed to see what looks like people looking out of  the windows.

On Tuesday October 29th, we will be locked in the building and stay the night at what is said to be one of the scariest places in Texas. We will be joined by reporters from Amarillo Globe News and also the Pampa News to see if they can handle the fear.

Be listening to Kiss Fm for your chance to win a ticket at a chance to be locked in at the Worley hospital with us.


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Here's how to win tickets!

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Every time you hear that sound efx be caller 13 @ 320-0969 to get QUALIFIED to join us for the "Hacker's Haunted Broadcast"....We will draw 2 winner on Friday Oct 25th...Good Luck from Kiss Fm!!!!!

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