If you are looking for a way to give thanks, but haven't figured out a way to do that, then The Coffee Memorial Blood Center can help you do that, by giving the gift of life.

Blood donation is one of the biggest ways you can help save another human being.  During the holidays, blood donations drop because people are traveling and find themselves busy with the holiday hustle and bustle.  However, the need for blood donations rise, because of travel, more accidents happen during the holidays and the need for blood rises.    On Tuesday, November 23rd, you can give the gift of life and help make sure we have the blood supply to get us through the holiday.  Talk about a way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

If you stop in tomorrow at the Coffee Memorial Blood Center at 7500 Wallace Blvd. during their Pre-Thanksgiving Extravaganza and give blood, you'll receive one of their awesome winter shirts, a free pass to Cinergy, a gallon of milk from Plains Dairy, and a Field's Pecan Pie and a chocolate bar.

Let's talk about this chocolate bar.  Some of the chocolate bars that are given to donors contain a golden ticket.   If you end up with one of these tickets, you will get a $250 Visa gift card.  Plus, you can go around singing, "I've got a golden ticket...."  Not only will you have a chance to win with the golden ticket, you'll also be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $75 United Supermarkets gift card.

You can schedule your appointment here.


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