It's another installment of "Amarillo Rants and Raves" via Craigslist.  It's where Amarillo goes to vent.  These are not edited for spelling or grammar.  They are edited for profanity.

The crybaby mayor 


Well that's all I've got. But I guess it's not illegal for them to post an add & picture for each and everything that they try to sell.

Let's build the new basketball/volleyball complex on drug row

I can just see it now. Visitors from all over coming to our city for their basketball tournament, asking for directions.

Let's see, if you go down to the wig shop, look to your right and you will see the infamous "Mahagony" Club. Go down three meth houses on your left, and the gym will be directly across the street. Make sure you pack some heat, especially after dark.

McCartt for mayor!!! 

She has my vote! So the mayor, sent childers (isnt the the guy who had a stolen briefcase and wanted the hotel locked down screamed at 911 operators etc etc thinking he should get preferred treatment,) I still wonder what was so important in that case, drugs? illegal porn, dirt on the mayor etc etc, the car saleman asked him to step down in February, so why hasnt he? to ask Mc Cartt to with draw for because of statements she made, hhmm, she is only saying what alot of people are thinking, about the blond, first I am of hispanic origin, (my fathers family are from Spain,) so I am blondish haired with hazel eyes, and the blond jokes etc etc do not offend me, second the part about bombing isis, islamic terrorist, well isnt she correct on that? If we went in did the job, it would be over and done, none of this 14 years later and we still scared of them. Then the illegals,(that is who she was referring to in her statement) they should all be deported, and if the return legally then given work visa etc etc, and legally anchor babies are illegals read your constitution and laws people if the mother is here illegally her baby is a citizen of where the mother is from, the only way to born a citizen is if the mother is in the process of getting her citizenship, NOT here illegally. I too agree with her statement about the milleniuls, they need to grow up get a job and work for what they want. We need outspoken people who will stand up for their beliefs, no matter how many libtards say they are wrong. If you don't stand up for what you believe in then you stand for nothing. Changing you idea to please certain people is down right retarded. Remember there is a stairway to heaven and a hiway to hell. Anyhow back to the post, I hope she runs for mayor!

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