It's another episode of "Craigslist Rants 'n Raves" where The Panhandle gets things off their chests.  These are not edited for grammar or spelling. They are edited for profanity.  Enjoy! 


ummm, with "Pittsburg" street being right next to "Philadelphia" and other streets named after major US cities, I highly doubt that the street is named after "Pittsburg" Kansas.Same concept for "Ashville".

Misspelling of street names in Amarillo

Imagine if you were in say Abilene and there was a street named "Amarilla". Would that not make them look like a bunch of backwoods fools?Well what do you know but we have that situation right here in Amarillo."Pittsburg" Street should be "Pittsburgh"

And in high brow Colonies, with all of the cool back-east street names, there is an "Ashville" Street that is supposed to be "Asheville". That's an especially embarrassing truth when you have a family member from Asheville visit.

Let's get this s**t fixed, city.

A short refresher on traffic signals in the Rillas

Let's get this straight and driving around the Rillas will be reasonably safe.

misuse of the word stalking

You guys are killing me.

Littering in Amarillo

What's the deal about people in Amarillo littering? I went to the grocery store and there was a freaking dirty diaper in the parking lot and several empty fast food bags! The streets are disgusting as people use them as their personal trash can!
Low class and lazy! I know for a fact there are trash cans everywhere for your trash! Please use them and do a community service for the city!

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