One of my favorite things to do when I was visiting my family in Phoenix was to go shopping at Goodwill. When I was visiting that was when I would be introduced to thrift shopping. You could find all kinds of one of a kind items there.

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We got the Goodwill store that we have come to know on the corner of I-40 and Bell several years ago. I have been known to go in there when I am needing something in particular that I know I won't find anywhere else.

I also like to use it if we need certain clothes for dress up that you just don't want to spend a lot of money on. Now it looks like Amarillo has grown for the need of a second Goodwill. They will be making this new location just down the way from the original.

You will be able to shop for your thrift store needs at 45th and Bell right next to the United Supermarket. This seems like it will be a pretty good location. I like that Amarillo can support two Goodwill's with the other thrift stores we have. That is great. It means we are a giving community.

The need for a second location came because the one at I40 and Bell sees a lot of donations and customers. Expansion was only the next logical step. With an addition of another Goodwill we will see more jobs. With another location they will also be able to get the word out more about their Training Placement and Life Skills program. Which trains people to put together a resume, cover letter and look for jobs.

Look for the newest Goodwill in Amarillo to be getting a second location in the upcoming future.


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