Another New Store Coming To Amarillo
Nothing is better than hearing about new businesses coming to Amarillo. Maybe that means things are looking up. We have new restaurants and new stores. That can never be bad.
Water Main Causing Issues On Amarillo Street
I forgot about that until I drove into work the next morning. Yep, it looked like I could have possibly gone swimming down 34th, if I wanted to. Pulling into the radio station parking lot I was a little concerned about my car making it through all the water. It was a water main that busted. It'…
Bad Wreck At 34th & Bell In Amarillo [VIDEO/PHOTOS]
Just drove down Bell in Amarillo, was seeing flashing lights from a distance, got up on 34th & Bell and saw this!  I'm not sure what happened, the Amarillo Police Dept hasn't sent anything out yet.  To me, it looks like a high speed chase took place, and the end result wa…