So the news came out in early October that several of the Forever 21's all over were closing their doors for good. Initially the Amarillo Store made it on that list. You can read about that HERE.

I was out at Westgate Mall on Friday when we did our Kickoff to Christmas and was talking with one of our stations salesperson, Bri. I asked her when our Forever 21 was going to close. That is when she told me the good news. Our Forever 21 is NOT closing. They renegotiated their contract and they are staying open.

That is great news. It really took Amarillo forever to finally get a Forever 21 so seeing that they were initially on the list was a bummer to say the least. So now we don't have to worry. We will still have the location in Westgate Mall to shop at for years to come.

So the only bad news out of the whole deal is that there will not be any Going Out of Business Sales.....but that is OK. We will still have all their other great deals. They will be, of course, having great Black Friday deals. Now you don't have to worry about getting that person in your life who loves to shop there gift cards for Christmas. Since they are NOT closing as originally listed.

Again great news for the employees. Oh and definitely great news for us shoppers. The one thing Amarillo doesn't need is to lose places to go shopping. So the news is true. Forever 21 in Amarillo's Westgate Mall is NOT closing. Spread the news.

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