I saw the most disgusting story on Facebook today!  A mother gave her child a Capri Sun, one of my favorite drinks as a child and still to this day!  When her son put the straw in the pouch, he went to take a drink and it immediately clogged up with something, MOLD!  In the picture above is what actually came out of the straw!  I've also read on the Internet that this isn't the first time, people are noticing mold in their Capri Sun drinks across the country!

From the looks of that picture above, I'm pretty grossed out!  I'm torn though, part of me is like "hell no I'm never drinking a Capri Sun again", yet the other part of me says "hey, mistakes happen, and I love these drinks!"

Yet, just the chance of getting a mouthful of whatever the heck that is in the picture, um, no thank you!  That is so nasty!  Surely Kraft, the makers of the drinks, are taking notice and fixing the problem!

I saw this on a friends Facebook page today:

!!!ATTENTION PARENTS!!! I read on the internet yesterday that people were noticing that their CapriSun Drinks were filled with mold. Today my sister gives her son a drink and noticed the straw was immediately clogged. She calls me and shows me this horrible 'worm thing', I was disgusted! I cut open the package and right away you can smell that it was rancid. This is outrageous! Apparently Kraft Foods knows of this mess but WON'T recall these drinks! Please avoid purchasing these until they take action on this! I am beyond pissed that this could have been consumed by either my niece or nephews! They better expect an extremely PISSED off Titi, cause they're getting an ear full! — with Kraft Foods Inc"

And you know what, I can completely understand the anger expressed by the person that wrote that!

So what do you think after seeing all this?

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