With the Halloween season over and all the Haunted house are closed down for the year I think it's time to pay dues to the haunt that was the best in the Panhandle.

When we say the best we mean the SCARIEST! Which haunt made your hair stand up and gave you nightmares that night? It was good to see more options of different haunts to go to this year. The voting is all up to you on who had the BEST haunted house  in the Panhandle! Vote below and share on Facebook so your friends can vote to. Good luck to all haunts and thanks for a great haunt season. See ya next year!


1. Frightmares


Frightmares is a haunted house in Pampa, Tx. 2012 was our first year and we had a blast. We are going to be back for 2013 in The Pampa Mall and with JDRF



2. 2015 Massacre

2015 Massacre is part of a project being put on by Sanford-Fritch’s Class of 2015 as a fund raising effort.   Rather, it should be called a Haunted Barn since the event will be hosted in a creepy barn in a secluded area.  We don’t want to give away too much yet, but expectations are high for an event that will not disappoint.


3. Amarillo Scaregrounds

Which included 4 haunts this year!

(Insanitarium, Terror, The Basement, Blackout Maze, & Zombie Apocalypse Training Center)



4.  Farmageddon


A 5 acre haunted Attraction cut into a corn field and filled with the craziest haunted house actors Amarillo has ever seen!



5. 6th Street Massacre


Ever wished you could be in a Horror Movie? Be careful what you wish for! The 6th Street Massacre Haunted House looks like a horror movie, feels like a horror movie, until you find yourself trapped in a Horror Movie with no way out. How does it all end? You won't know until the final scene. The Sixth Street Massacre Haunted House is as immersive, as in your face as you can handle!


6. Mayhem Z

Amarillo's Premier Haunted House--Mayhem Z
We WILL Scare you! Mayhem haunted house is a fundraiser for a non-profit youth organization here in Amarillo. It is NOT owned by anyone, its a non-profit ran by our Board of Directors.



7. 7th Ave Dementia

7th Ave Dementia, where your nightmares become reality!
Join us this 2014 Scare Season for more chills and thrills than last year.




8. Chainsaw Massacre

The haunt is 2 stories with about 20,000 square feet inside. Part of the haunted house is outside. We are outside the city limits so we don't have rules that the city has. This haunted house is the only full contact haunted house in Amarillo.



Vote below and let's see who will take the bragging right this year for the BEST HAUNTED HOUSE of 2103... Cut-off is Friday at midnight!