If real elections could be this clean cut we would have a much less divided country. Walmart found a way to bring us together. Well kind of.

Walmart published stats of what is selling better in every state this year. The choices Hot Dogs or Hamburgers. The answer so far… Hamburgers. Pretty much a landslide at this point. 41 to 9 states voted for Hamburgers.

Just in case you were wonder, yes Texas voted Hamburger. Come on we are the beef capital of the country after all.

This is the second year Walmart has done this. Hamburgers won last year too.

The seven states that bought more burgers last year but bought more hot dogs this year:  Rhode Island, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Nevada and California.

The 10 states bought more hot dogs last year but more hamburgers this year:  Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maine.

Some states tend to jump back and fourth from year to year. Which is your favorite?


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