Downtown Amarillo

Hell Week, now renamed Spirit Week because hell is such an ugly word, but who actually calls it "spirit week"?  I call it "watch out for flying eggs at your car week"!  There is a BIG difference this year though, Tascosa High goes to 5A this season, while Amarillo High stays in the 4A division.

Either way, one of these schools will have the bragging rights for an entire year after winning the game this Friday at Dick Bivins Stadium!

Game time is 7:3pm this Friday, keep your eye open for 96.9 KISS-FM to be hanging out at the game, passing out free stickers, noise makers and even hot off the press "KISS-FM Citizen Street Team" t-shirts!

Just say hi to us, and we'll get you something free as you head in to support your favorite team!

Sandies & Rebels, its your week!  Make some noise and do some damage!  But please, keep it on the field, don't do it to my innocent car!

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