If there is one thing I have learned about Texas since moving here, it's that Texas is absolutely addicted to Tea. Sweet, or unsweet; gourmet or made at home; it doesn't matter.

Which is good, because I bleed sweet tea.

Free Tea Day is coming up in Amarillo. On July 18, you'll be able to get your tea fix at McAlister's Deli on 34th in Amarillo.

All you'll need to do is stop by and get your free 32 oz. sweet, or unsweet, tea. Pretty simple. The event page says "No Purchase Necessary."

If you can't make it in, they've got it setup so that you can order online and then pick it up.

This is all part of a competition among McAlister's Delis called the "Tea Town Showdown." McAlister's Delis compete to be the champ. Every tea ordered is a vote. You can also vote on the McAlister's website.

Voting is taking place right now. The winner will get $10,000 donated to their "local partner." Here in Amarillo, McAlister's has teamed up with CMN.

It's free tea, and for a good cause on July 18.

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