Shopping for presents during the holiday season sucks without a dedicated, mega toy store. There are smaller toy stores around, but choices are limited. I have an idea on how to fix this.

The Toys ‘R’ Us building on Soncy sits empty. Just months ago, the building was turned into a Halloween superstore with a pretty nice selection of decorations, costumes, games, and assorted coffee cups.

If there really was justice in this world, that building would be turned into a giant toy store again just for the holiday season. All of the most popular toys, and unique hard-to-find toys, would fill the building for your Christmas themed capitalist enjoyment.

Target just didn’t have the same magic. It’s hard to get lost in the wonder of shopping for toys when the Martha Stewart Collection is staring you down from across the aisle.

Wal-Mart definitely wouldn’t have a holiday movie made about it. Imagine children being excited about getting an avocado, toilet paper, and the only toy they want this year all in the same place.

It’s hard to imagine, because it doesn’t happen.

Amarillo needs an entrepreneurial individual, or two, to rent out the building for a month or two at the end of the year. Then, they need to make a call to Santa and his corporate friends to come fill that space with nothing but toys.

Do it. Do it for the children. Do it for the parents who would like to go to one place, and one place only, to buy up those toys their kids will love for five minutes on Christmas morning.

Do it for Amarillo. Do it for Baby Jesus.

Do it for the money.

Do it…for America.

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