The time between Valentine's Day and Spring Break can be really boring because there aren't any work or school holidays.

Although these holidays are not considered "official," you can still have fun celebrating something different.

  • February 26th - National Tell A Fairy Tale Day

What a great excuse to build a blanket fort with your kids and read their favorite story!

  • February 27th - National Strawberry Day

You could go the healthy way, or just put strawberry flavoring in your margarita.

  • February 28th - National Public Sleeping Day

That's right! Sleep in public! Go to sleep on a park bench or a restaurant!

  • March 1st - National Peanut Butter Lovers' Day

No better reason to pig out on Reese's and PB&J's.

  • March 2nd - National Banana Cream Pie Day

This is a pretty specific kind of pie, but if you don't like banana cream, I bet you can substitute it for a coconut cream Biti Pie.

  • March 3rd - National Cold Cuts Day

Get the footlong at Subway! Just do it!

  • March 4th - National Pound Cake Day

Pound cake - the cake that tells you how much weight you'll put on after you eat it.

  • March 5th - National Multiple Personality Day

Love your neighbor and then set his house on fire. All in good fun!

  • March 6th - National Oreo Cookie Day

No explanation needed.

  • March 7th - National Cereal Day

Make cereal necklaces that you can chew on all day.

  • March 8th - National Pancake Day


  • March 9th - National Get Over It Day

Take the time to get over all of the things that are bothering you.

  • March 10th - National Pack Your Lunch Day

Brown-bagging it has never been so fun.

  • March 11th - National Promposal Day

Expect lots of cheesy photos of high school kids being asked to prom.