Let's face it Spring Break is an awesome time.  It's a time to have fun, get out of town, have parties.  This is a great time for students as well as adults however, if you are planning to party and that partying involved drinking the Texas Department of Transportation wants to remind you to make sure you have a designated driver.

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Last year during the Spring Break holiday Texas had 459 crashes with drivers between the ages of 17-34 who were under the influence.  That included 16 fatalities.

The Texas Department of Transportation is starting a campaign called "Plan While You Can."  This is to encourage young drivers not to drink and drive and to plan for a sober ride.

March 1-19 law enforcement will be stepping up their DUI patrols here in Texas.

The "Plan While You Can" will be traveling to different cities, it's a tour with interactive dodge ball, this will show people the effects of alcohol on a person's reflexes.  As they play, virtual drinks are given to the players avatar and the more the avatar drinks the harder it becomes to dodge balls.  Its shows how even one drink can slow reaction times.

The tour will not be making its way into Amarillo, however it will be in Lubbock on the Texas Tech campus on March 10th.

TxDOT encourages you to find a designated driver or a sober ride before going out.    Some of their suggestions include:

  • Calling a taxi or using a transportation app on your smartphone.
  • Using mass transit.
  • Asking a sober friend or family member for a ride home.
  • Spending the night.

For more ideas or suggestions visit SoberRides.org

Don't risk your life or the life of others by drinking and driving.

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