The Hacker Morning Show would like to send a "Happy Birthday" shout out to everyone who is celebrating a birthday this week.

Here are our birthday shout outs for this week:

Matt Hite

Michael James Keene

Rafaela Garcia Mireless 

Jared Allison

Marcus Hite

Raquel - Rachel Martinez

Steve Nicholson

Marcus Sursa

Antwon Toliver

Joshua Cruz

Steve Bautista 

Michael Cochran 

Jessica Winks

Adriana Desiderio

Matt Townsend

Mayra Guzman

Darius Battles 

Eric Fajardo

Chas Sotello

Mickaela Portello

Mondo Vasquez

Jessica Key Parker

Imani Bempong

Mike Rivera

Clint Taylor

DeeDee Colemon

Caroline Prieto Bailey

Bobby Tietz

Henry Cordova

If you're having a birthday this week or know someone who is celebrating one, PLEASE feel free to reach out to us on our Kiss FM Facebook and we will definitely add it to our list. You can also call the morning show at 806-320-0969 and we would love to send you a birthday shout out live on the radio!

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