Thursdays are always hard days to get focused.  Nothing gets my brain going better than some good ole brain teasers.  How many triangles do you see?

This one is a little tricky because of the shape of the triangles.  But you can do it!  Don't give up.

Keep reading for the answer.

After much counting and recounting, the answer is 92.  This one was a little tricky so here's the breakdown:

Looking at the symmetry, we can divide this triangle in 4 equal parts(square) and we will first count the number of triangles in each part and then number of triangles formed by combining 2 or more parts together.
Number of triangles in one square: 8(non overlapping triangles) + 8(overlapping triangles with diagonal a part of one of the side) + 3(diagonal is perpendicular to one of the side of the triangle) =19(You can get it correct after a little hard try)
Number of triangles by taking two squares at a time: 3(common side of square is perpendicular) * 4(there are four such combinations) = 12
Number of triangles by taking three squares at a time: 1(all squares should be a part of the triangle) *4(four such combinations) = 4
Number of triangles by taking all squares together = 0

And it up and you get 92.