Ahhh the Tri State Fair and Rodeo have made it to town.  That means deep fried goodness on a stick.  But it also means a dent in your wallet.  So how much do you usually spend at the fair?

Once a year the fair rolls through Amarillo and everyone tries their hardest to go.  But is it worth it?  Say you go with your family, husband, wife and two kids. You have to pay to get in which is $10 for 13 and up and $5 for under.  Of course, 5 and under is free.

If you each get one thing to eat and drink that is at least thirty to forty dollars.  Then if you want to put your kids on rides, you have two options to buy per coin or a wristband.  The wristbands cost $30 but the kids can ride as much as they want.  Then there is per ride.  Each ride is 3-4 tokens or 3-4 dollars.

Of course, you can go through the barns and load up on all kids of stuff.  Or you can stop and have your picture made or sketched.  Then there is the row of games.

Many people want to be able to show their family a good time so they go as far as taking out a loan.  So is it worth it?

Well it seems to be.  I went last night and spend way more money than was expecting to, but my son was so happy.  So to me it was worth it.  And if you are planning to go, I'd recommend the deep fried smores-yummy!

How much do you usually spend at the fair?

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