There is a special code that can tell you if the eggs you are buying are the freshest.

The expiration date is no longer the only way to find out how fresh eggs are. There is another set of numbers that is way more accurate.

There should be another set of numbers either above or below the expiration date. Three of those numbers are the "Julian Date", which tells you when they were packed.

So even though on two cartons there might be the same expiration date, the Julian Date might be a little different.

The three digits represent a specific day of the year between 1 and 365. So if they were packed on April 4th, 2018, the code number would be 094 because it's the 94th day of the year. If it was December 31st, 2018 the code would be 365.

Each brand places the number in a different spot. Sometimes the Julian Code is the first three digits or the last three digits.

There also a number with the letter P in front of it. That is a ID number from which plant the package comes from. Just ignore it. The three digit code is what you want to look for.

So when you are in the store, look for the Julian Code with the highest number. Unless it's January. Then you want the highest number for the first week of the month.


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