I still go to bed every night with Friends on TV. Nick at Nite is my the channel that is on as bedtime approaches. That way I can have the sounds of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe as I drift off every night.

Could I Be any more excited?

The show has been off the air for seventeen years but it is still a big part of a lot of our lives. I mean you say "We were on a break" and people know exactly what you are talking about. They still feel very strongly whether Ross and Rachel were or not. Their reunion special this past spring was one that a lot of us were just waiting to have happen. It was a magical night.

Test your Friends Trivia Skills

So this is where Butterlove Biscuits jumps in to be our hero. They are hosting a Friendsgiving Trivia night. I had friends of mine who went to a previous one they had and it was a blast. How much do you know about our favorite Friends?

Tickets went on Sale already and they will sell out

Get your friends together and form a team. November 19th is the day and trivia starts at 7pm. Doors open at 6pm. Don't wait to get you team together and get you tickets. This will sell out.

credit: Butterlove Biscuits Facebook
credit: Butterlove Biscuits Instagram

So if you want a fun night out with other Friends fans this will be the night. You might even see me there. I KNOW! Check out the event HERE and get your tickets.

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