Ok, It's been a minute since we heard from our favorite former Stinnett, Texas Police chief Jason Collier, The latest came in June when there was a second victim who pressed charges and an appearance on Dr. Phil's show to clear up his name which honestly was laughable at best. He's even come out himself and pretty much said he finally found someone. Good for him. I wish him well and honestly hopes that he finds what he needs in his life.

Naturally, all the civil and criminal cases are going to move forward in some fashion or another so we aren't 100 percent done with him but for the moment he's like a volcano that has gone dormant for the time being.

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That being said, his transgressions involved only a handful of women and as a law enforcement officer he actually has a decent service record and even has won an award or two. The guy I'm about to introduce you to... is a complete trainwreck in every sense of the word, with a documented history of doing horrible things--on and off the job.

Is it possible? Could there be someone out there that makes Jason Collier look like an outstanding citizen?

I believe I have found him.

Meet Jan Gregory


Jan Gregory is who takes this Jason Collier-inspired story over to New Orleans. Now, he might have some pretty boy looks here in this picture but don't let that fool you. The married man finds himself in the middle of one of the biggest "busted" stories floating around social media.

It's one thing to cheat on your spouse, but to be outed on Bumble is another. Well that is exactly what one nurse in the NOLA suburb of Metairie did and not long after the rest started coming forward:

Digging into the post, It turns out the count is around 30 and continuing to go up. there are well over 3000 comments on the post mostly connecting the dots and figuring out timelines. The moving parts are so baffling I may consider hiring staff to help with the logistics of it, But she did nail one thing, the nursing community in the NOLA area must be indeed close because he seems to have thing for them as many of the folks throwing shade are in the same field... now... if that wasn't enough... here's where it gets more interesting..

He's got a criminal record too...

Kenner Police Department
Kenner Police Department

Yep, Ol' Boy has also been on the wrong side of his own department as he was charged with robbing 5 different Hispanic men of over $3,000 over the course of several traffic stops which cost him his badge and career with the Kenner Police Department back in 2017. He quit when the internal affairs came looking for him. Police departments don't generally look down on felons in their ranks very well. In some of his posts with women he claims to be a first mate on a boat and mentions quitting his job to go to a simpler life. Simple digging on google quickly shoots this down.

I'll admit if you're Jason Collier at the moment you're sitting pretty because for once there's someone who was in a similar position to you stealing the spotlight. Maybe both of these men ultimately figure it out... or perhaps we get another great round of Dr. Phil intervention. Either way we might get a Netflix or at the very least Lifetime Movie Network special out of all this.

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