Author Dan Ariely says pizza can improve people's work performances. He conducted a study among factory workers. They were offered free pizza, cash bonuses and compliments if they hit their goals.  The productivity of the pizza workers rose by 6.7%.

Those, who received a cash bonus increased their productivity by 4.9%.

The complement group increased their productivity by 6.6%

So what is America's favorite pizza chain?  Harris polled 97,000 Americans and the winner was Pizza Hut for the second year in a row. Papa Johns was second and Domino's was third.  The pizza chains that were the most disliked were Cici's and Little Ceasar's.

What about what we like on our pizzas? America's favorite topping is pepperoni. Sausage and mushrooms rank second and third, while a simple cheese pizza ranks fourth.

What are Amarillo's favorite pizza spots?  Click HERE to read the list according to local yelpers.

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