I know, I realize we DON'T live in a perfect world, far from it.

I also recognize that Amarillo has PLENTY of restaurants around, but there's something missing if you can believe it.

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I'm talking about a true Philly Cheesesteak restaurant. You know, the type you would find in Philadelphia like a Geno's or something.

No offense to Charley's over in Westgate Mall, but it doesn't cut it for me when it comes to that delicious sandwich. I want the real deal. Fresh hoagies, PACKED with finely chopped up steak, loads of cheese to where it's dripping off with the grease from the meat.

You know, basically a heart attack on a bun. It's been YEARS since I've had a legit cheesesteak sandwich. I order them at restaurants hoping to find what I once had in Colorado, but I'm disappointed every single time.

I mentioned what I once had in Colorado. See, I lived in Fort Collins for 8+ years, and there was this heavenly joint called "Taste of Philly". Oh how I lived at this restaurant. I'm not kidding you when I say I went once a week if my schedule allowed it.

Their original cheesesteak was to die for. I mean it was just PACKED with that finely chopped steak, not like these others that have more bun than meat. I'd slap a little mayo on that thing, either some provolone or cheese whiz and just chow down on this perfect footlong sandwich.

The menu they had offered so many different types of subs though. A favorite amongst a couple of my friends was the Pizza Philly. It was the aforementioned meat, topped with grilled onions and pizza sauce. I never personally tried it, but they swore by it and never deviated from their order. Just take a look at this menu.

So why is there no cheesesteak restaurant here in Amarillo? Where can I find a GOOD cheesesteak, not just someone's weak interpretation of one. Any answers? Maybe you'd be willing to appease me and just open one in Amarillo. You can actually franchise it. No matter what you do, please help me find a proper cheesesteak here!

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