An Indonesian court sentenced a grandmother from the UK to death after she was caught trying to smuggle $2.5 million in cocaine onto the resort island of Bali.  I feel that bares repeating, they gave her the death penalty for drugs!  She's giong to be put to death because she was trying to smuggle drugs!

Prosecutors were only seeking to get her a 15 year sentence, but the courts didn't see things the way they did, and went even further.

I get the whole "make an example of them" side of the story, but dude, they're putting a grandma to death, a 56 year old woman will be executed, for drugs?

Yahoo News reports:

Lindsay June Sandiford, 56, wept when judges handed down the sentence and declined to speak to reporters on her way back to prison, covering her face with a floral scarf. She had claimed in court that she was forced to take the drugs into the country by a gang that was threatening to hurt her children.

Indonesia is known for having very strict, no tolerance drug policies in place.  They've actually sentenced and put over 40 foreigners to death due to drugs!


Sandiford's lawyer said she would appeal, a process that can take several years. Condemned criminals face a firing squad in Indonesia, which has not carried out an execution since 2008, when 10 people were put to death.


In London, British Foreign Office Minister Hugo Swire told lawmakers Wednesday that the government strongly opposes Sandiford's sentencing.  "We strongly object to the death penalty and continue to provide consular assistance to Lindsay and her family during this difficult time," he said.

I don't care what their drug policies are, this just strikes me as messed up!  Yeah, she was trying to smuggle drugs, but death?  Does this cocaine toting granny really deserve to be put on death row?

I know one thing for sure, you'll never find this dude (me) in Indonesia!  Not that I'm out to get cocaine there or anything, but if they can sentence foreigners to death, I think I'll be keeping a safe distance.


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